Do this before drinking milk, it will not cause any disease.

We keep animals at home, animal husbandry has become our main occupation. We keep many animals like cow buffalo goat and those animals give us milk. Lumpy virus is currently increasing in cattle and many animals have died due to this virus. Due to the increasing disease, the milk in cattle is also decreasing. But we have an idea in our mind that due to Lumpy virus in animals, if there is any harm caused by drinking its milk, a doctor of Anand University has said for it.

Doctor of Kamdhenu University said that we have done a deep study in every virus and disease of animals and it has been found that drinking milk of animal with any virus disease does not cause any disease.When we get the parceled milk from the dairy, we do not need to worry if it is sterilized when it is packed. And when we drink cow’s milk at home, we should heat it a little and drink it.Avoid cold drinks and milk products in shops as these are unheated milk. Second, warm the milk that comes to your home and warm it to your children too.

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