Do you go to pee at night? So definitely read this article

As long as our body remains healthy, we do not even suspect of diseases, but as soon as there is a slight change in our health, our body starts giving many signals. One of these signs is the color of our urine. Yes, the color of urine. The color of urine can tell you that your health has started deteriorating. Actually the color of urine is a sign of changes in our body.

You must have noticed that when you do not drink water for a long time, your urine starts turning yellow, this is due to lack of water. In this article, we are telling you about the colors of urine and the health conditions associated with them. Knowing these, you can find out what is the problem in your body due to which the color of urine is changing. So let’s know about the colors and health problems of urine.

If your urine looks completely white, then your health is absolutely fine. But in some cases, you may have drank a little too much water, perhaps because of this as well. In this condition essential minerals and salts such as electrolytes may be depleted.

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