Eye Test by Design Developer

When was the last time you had your eyes tested? If you have never had your eyes tested, we will give you an idea to check your eyes at home today. There is an app that allows you to easily test your eyesight at home. After the test you can see that you can go to the clinic somewhere and you can get your eyes treated.
Many people nowadays have trouble seeing with their eyes. This problem causes a lot of annoyance such as not seeing a distant object or not seeing a near object, blurring somewhere, dizziness due to eyes, not concentrating. There are many problems like being able to do that for which you need to get an eye test because you can get the eyes treated at the right time so friends we have come up with a great fun app for you to do this eye test sitting at home. Which will allow you to test your vision at home.

With this application you can test in 12 ways
Visual acuity test
Color blindness test
Speed test
Network testing
Testing for degeneration
Testing in the gills
Conflict sensitive testing
Tumbling test
Two color test
The appearance of obscurity


Eye examination is not accurate due to differences in resolution (screen size, brightness / contrast, resolution) of each screen. With your eyes on the 4 ” phone 30 cm. Keeping it at / 12 ‘gives you an almost perfect result. If you have a 7 ” tablet, 52 cm. / 20 ” Keep out of your sight

Sue should be done if the eyes are checked and you get bad results
If you have had your eyes checked with this application and you get a bad test, then you have to show it to the eye doctor. The doctor will ask you to focus on your vision and check your result and then make the necessary changes. You can also download a list of how to do eye exercises even after sitting at home.

Download eye Test APK

f you have any eye problems while browsing the web from the phone, check what you have done, check the phone book, check the phone messages, or check the number in the phone. If you notice any such problem, call a doctor immediately. To seek advice.

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