Forecast of rain with wind in Gujarat from today.

We know that currently the weather department is predicting rain. The system has become active due to the storm on the coast of Gujarat. According to the Meteorological Department, storm may occur in many areas of Gujarat.

At present, the next forecast is being made by the Meteorological Department while the harvest time of the farmers is going on. Rain is being predicted in South Gujarat and Saurashtra.

Cyclone Biporjoy, which has become active in the Arabian Sea, is now moving at full speed, while the Meteorological Department has predicted rain in Gujarat. It may rain in Gujarat for the next 4 days. Rain is forecast in South Gujarat, North Gujarat, Saurashtra and Kutch for the next four days.

So the impact of thunderstorm activity in the state will also be there. Wind will blow at a speed of 35 to 45 kmph for 2 days from today. After 2 days wind speed will increase. Wind speed is likely to increase to 50 to 60 kmph. Wind speed is likely to reach 70 kmph on June 13.

Due to the active cyclone in the Arabian Sea, the coastal areas will be affected by high winds and rainy conditions. Cyclone Biporjoy will not hit Gujarat. However, the weather department has said that wind and rain may remain due to the storm. The weather department has advised the fishermen not to venture into the sea.

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