Has the emergency alert message also appeared on your mobile screen. So know its meaning.

We all use mobile phones. Then there are many notifications coming in our mobile which we ignore. At that time, a pop up message regarding the emergency alert appeared on our mobile phone. This message has appeared on the mobile phones of almost all people.

Many people are scared about this message and many are worried that why this message has come. This message was tested by the Government of India by sending a text message to many smart phones regarding the emergency alert system.

Many people were worried about this message but now you don’t need to worry. If you are using a smart phone, then an alert message has come with a beep sound. Regarding this message, the government has clarified that this was an emergency alert system that was tested. You don’t need to panic about this message.

This message has been sent through the broadcasting system by the Telecom Department of the Government of India. No need to worry about this message sample as it is a test sample. This has been tested only to increase your security.

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You may wonder why this message came but there is no need to worry about it. If there is any situation like flood, earthquake in your area, then the government will alert you by sending such a message.

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