What to do if you have a note of two thousand.

500 and 1000 notes were stopped immediately when demonetisation took place in the year 2016. Due to demonetisation people faced many difficulties, the government again put the 2000 note into circulation but yesterday the government announced that the circulation of the 2000 note has been stopped. If you have a 2000 note then you don’t … Read more

An 18-year-old girl who was going home with a bicycle was crushed by an oncoming tractor

Incidents of accidents are increasing nowadays. At that time, a shocking accident happened recently. In this incident, a fast tractor driver crushed the student coming from the front. Due to this reason, an 18-year-old student has died suddenly. Local people rushed to the spot after the accident. After the whole incident, the family members of … Read more

Many rules will change from April 1.

We hear a lot of news everyday. When the financial year ends in the month of March and starts again from the month of April, many rules are going to change as many other rules related to banks are changing day by day. It is very important for us to know which rules will be … Read more

વાહન ચાલકો માટે સારા સમાચાર, હવે રસ્તા પર ટોલ નાકા નહિ આવે નીતિન ગડકરી નો પ્લાન જાણી ને મોજ પડી જશે.

હાલમાં આપણે ક્યાંય બહાર જઈએ તો ટોલ નાકા થી કંટાળી જઈએ છીએ. ટોલનાકા પર થતી ભીડ થી પરેશાન થઈ જઈએ છીએ ત્યારે ટોલનાકા ને લઈને પરિવહન મંત્રી નીતિન ગડકરી ને મોટો પ્લાન બનાવ્યો છે. હાઈ વે એક્ષપ્રેસ વે પર ચાલતા વાહન ચાલકો માટે ટુંક સમયમાં ટોલ બ્લોક પર લાઈનો માં ઉભા રહેવાનો છુટકારો મળી જાય … Read more

Unseasonal rain forecast for these areas in Gujarat.

Currently, unseasonal rains in Gujarat have brought life to farmers and traders. We know that currently farmers are going through harvest time. Farmers are worried that if it rains in the field at the time of harvesting, all their crops will fail. A reversal is predicted in the weather of Gujarat. Some parts of the … Read more

MLA Geniben Thakor came to support the queries of Anganwadi workers.

When all the citizens living in the country are allowed to agitate for their rights in a peaceful and law-and-order manner, now Anganwadi workers have taken to the streets for their rights. Anganwadi workers of Tharad-Vav taluk of Banaskantha have gone on strike with the demands of outstanding questions. At that time, Banaskantha MLA Ganiben, … Read more