In Mehsana, the government turned the flower dozer.

We all know that on 22nd January, Lord Ram’s prana pratistha took place. During this prana pratistha, processions were taken out in many places in the country. There were many places that were stoned by heathens.

Bulldozer operation has been carried out in Hatadia Bazar area in Kheralu of Mehsana. This is the same area where last January 21, 2024, the procession of Lord Shri Ram was pelted with stones.

The operation has been carried out near Hatadia Bazar and Jakatnaka in Kheralu. A Muslim mob pelted stones on Lord Ram’s pilgrimage in these same areas. The municipality issued notices to its owners to remove a total of 30-35 unripe encroachments from Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir to Belim Wada in Hatadia and were ordered to produce proof of ownership or remove the encroachments themselves.

A video of the incident of stone pelting on the Yatra also surfaced. In which a crowd of people involved in the journey is seen standing. A police jeep is also seen nearby. Some women and youths are seen throwing stones from the roof of a nearby building. Soon the women leave and some other young men come with blunt objects in their hands. They are also throwing stones at the Yatra.

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