Solar Ruftop Yojana 2023.

In earlier times we had lamps in our house and now with the development of technology we all use light bulbs. As the days go by, technology and development in every field is also increasing. Our country is also advancing a lot in technology.

We use light in our house and for using that light we get electricity from the meter, we also have to pay the light bill. But now we don’t need to pay light bill. Now we can generate electricity at our home. By installing solar panel at our house we can generate electricity and use it at home without our light bill and the government also gives assistance to take advantage of this scheme.

The name of this government run scheme is Solar Rooftop Scheme. This scheme has been implemented by the government to promote solar energy. The central government also gives a lot of importance to this scheme and the government also gives subsidy in this scheme because this energy never runs out.

Gaining this energy can also have many benefits. The cost of installing these panels will be paid off in about 5 years and you can get free electricity for the next 25 years.

• ગુજરાતી માં માહિતી વાંચવા માટે – અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

We don’t need to spend any extra money to use this energy. If the electricity consumption in your home increases, then you can also share the government. For this many people are taking advantage of this scheme.

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