The young man of Rajasthan picked up the girl and married her.

Currently, a video is going viral on social media in which a young man picks up a girl from her house. According to the information, the young man goes to the girl’s house with his men and picks up the girl and takes her to a field.

This young man forcibly burns the grass in the field and has sex with her. The police have also conducted an investigation after seeing the girl being forced.

In Jaisalmer, a shameful case of kidnapping of a girl and then forcibly taking her away has come to light. The girl was abducted on June 1 from Sankhla village of Mohangarh police station area. After this, a video of forcibly taking rounds with the girl has now gone viral on social media.


In this, the bully is seen carrying the girl in his lap and carrying her around. The victim is seen crying and other bullies are shamelessly making videos. The relatives allege that even after registering a case with the police, no action has been taken against the bullies who abducted the girl.

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