A wonderful collection of Indian currency notes

If you put your hand in your pocket, give a currency note where it is needed. But do you know how those notes are made? You know the rules for printing them. When was the first currency note printed in India? How did currency notes and coins originate in India? What are the rules for printing notes or issuing coins? You will find the answers to many such questions in this article.

To showcase the culture of the country which reflects the rich diversity and proud achievements of the nations. The tradition of printing such monuments and achievements shown on the reverse of currency notes has been followed from the very beginning. If you have seen on the back of Rs 10, 20, 100, 200 and 500 notes, then different beautiful monuments of India have been printed on them. this weekend if you have any place

Note printing is done in four places in India in Nashik, Dewas, Mysore and Salboni (West Bengal). The Bank Note Press at Dewas and the Currency Note Press at Nashik work under the leadership of the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India, under the Ministry of Finance.

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When was the first currency note printed?

The printing of currency notes started in 1862. The first note was printed by the British government in the year 1862. It was printed by a UK company.

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