After the JCB felled the tree standing next to the house, nobody saw what happened.

We know that the beauty of our earth is incomplete without nature. The birds and animals found around you maintain the beauty of our earth. Trees and birds are seen around our house.

We cherish the animals and birds living in our house or surroundings, we preserve them. When there are birds, we keep our nature beautiful. It is the duty of all of us to protect the animals, birds and forests.

Currently, a video is going viral in a social media in which a tree standing next to a house is felled by a JCB. When a tree is felled by a JCB, many birds fly out of it. When that tree fell, many birds became homeless. We have taken away the habitat of birds for our habitat.


Man is taking away forests and natural beauty for his home. Animals and birds living in the forests are moving towards the cities while the wood of the forests is being cut.

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