Bhupendra patel Gujarat cm, Gujarat chief minister Bhupendra patel, ગુજરાત ના મુખ્યમંત્રી ભૂપેન્દ્ર પટેલ

Gujarat new chief minister Bhupendra patel Gujarat Cm is very poor family belong. Bhupendra patel has been appointed as the new chief minister of Gujarat, Bhupendra patel has been appointed as the new chief minister to carry out the development works of Gujarat. As we know that Vijay Rupani has resigned in Gujarat, the name of Bhupendra patel has been announced as the new Chief Minister.

When Bhupendra Patel was appointed as the new CM of Gujarat, there is an atmosphere of happiness among the people. People are applauding him a lot.

Bhupendra patel Gujarat Cm

As the new Chief Minister of Gujarat, we know that when the name of Bhupendra patel came out, his name was coming up as the Chief Minister on 11 September 2021 and he has also been appointed.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Bhupendra patel was a close associate of the VHP chief Praveen Togadia in the Gujarat unit of the VHP. He is reported to have been inducted as a Minister in the Modi cabinet as a sop to the latter for his support of Modi’s chief ministership. Bhupendra patel is accused of involvement in the 2002 Gujarat riots by posting police officers sympathetic to VHP in strategic positions and accused of helping unleash violence.

Bhupendra patel Gujarat chief minister

He transferred police officers such as Rahul Sharma. On his orders, police raided refugee camps claiming that they housed rioters. Gujarat cm

Bhupendra patel Gujarat cm

In pursuance of the newly appointed leader in Gujarat and the party in which he has worked, Bhupendra patel has been given the post of Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Bhupendra patel (born 20 June 1954) is an Indian politician from Gujarat, India. He was a leader in Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) for 15 years before joining Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Bhupendra patel Gujarat Cm

He served as the General Secretary of BJP in Ahmedabad city and was elected twice as a member of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly during 1995–97 and 1998–2002. He was a Minister of State for Home and Security and Police Housing (Independent Charge) during 2001–2002 in the state Government of Gujarat led by Narendra Modi.

Bhupendra patel is a simple and very good leader who has done a lot of development he has been appointed as the chief minister for us it is a matter of pride for us

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