Government of india distributes free foodgrains in the month of May and June

The Corona epidemic is currently raging across the country. And in this epidemic, the business and employment of many people have collapsed, the Gujarat government has announced to provide free food. Then we will know today who will be given free grain.

ફ્રી અનાજ વિતરણ

Many cities have been partially locked down due to the Corona epidemic and Corona’s cash is increasing day by day in Gujarat.

The government has announced free food distribution so that no family goes hungry in the Corona epidemic where many people are sitting at home.

The Prime Minister has announced the distribution of free foodgrains through the distribution of foodgrains, in addition to the regular foodgrains you get, in addition to the additional 5 kg of wheat and rice. You are entitled to this benefit if you have a non nfsa ration card.

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Under this scheme, 3.14 crore ration card holders are eligible for this foodgrain. You can also get grain from your nearest ration card shop.

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