Fill the form in this government scheme and get 15 thousand rupees salary per month.

The government is giving us many times assistance and also releasing recruitment for employment to the youth, currently the Ayushman Bharat Yojana is going on all over India and youth will get jobs as many recruitments are to be done under this scheme. Modi government’s most ambitious ‘Ayushman Bharat Yojana’ is praised not only in … Read more

Old Age Pension Sahay Yojana 2022. Old age people will get help from Gujarat Govt.

750 rupees per month assistance will be given by the government to the elderly people who are unable to do physical work. People who are above 60 years of age are eligible for this assistance. Any indigent elderly person aged 60 years or above is eligible for assistance. Under Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension … Read more

Solar fencing sahay yojana Gujarat 2022.

As we know that the government has given assistance many times, once again the government has announced an assistance in which the farmers who want to get solar fencing assistance will be given assistance by the government. A number of welfare schemes for crop protection are launched by the Department of Agriculture, Welfare and Government … Read more

Mafat Plot Yojana 2022 Gujarat

Mafat Plot Yojana 2022 Gujarat

Mafat Plot Yojana 2022 Gujarat: The government has released a plan to give mafat plot to the poor. We know that poverty is very common in our country, many families have land suitable for cultivation, while there are many families who do not even have land to live on, Gujarat government has announced to give mafat … Read more

Pradhanmantri sauchalay yojana 2022

Pradhanmantri sauchalay yojana 2022

We know that when many schemes are released by our government, it was decided by our government to build toilets in every house with the help of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Millions of people get help when government help is given to build toilets. The main objective of pradhanmantri sauchalay yojana is to make open defecation … Read more

ખાતેદાર ખેડૂત અકસ્માત યોજના, khatedar khedut akasmat yojana i khedut portal scheme

Agriculture is the main product in India and our country is running through agriculture. Then the government offers many schemes and many benefits for the farmer. In which the government comes up with a scheme to help the farmers financially. Under the Gujarat Collective Group (Janata) Accident Insurance Scheme for the account holder farmers, the … Read more

If you have a Jandhan account, you will get a big benefit, Pradhan Mantri Man Dhan Yojana.

We get many benefits from the government. We should take advantage of every benefit. If you also have a Jandhan account in the bank, you can get a big benefit from the government. Under Pradhan Mantri Jandhan Yojana we get many benefits. Then the government has again issued a new scheme which is called Pradhan … Read more

Gujarat Mafat Chhatri Yojana 2022@ikhedut Portal

Hello friends In our Gujarat, middle-income and poor people are selling vegetables, fruits or flowers by sitting on a tapri or below ground on the side of the road or on the side of the highway to maintain themselves. They also have to face the sun, shade, and rain. Sometimes due to excessive sun or … Read more