Indian Army built bridge over Indus river will be proud to watch video.

The Indian Army has broken the record by building a bridge over the Indus River overnight. Then we know that Army is our pride and strength of our country. At present, the Indian Army has built a bridge on the Indus River on the India-China border, which has shocked everyone. When China has been displaying fighter jets many times on the border of our country, seeing the strength of India’s army, China was also watching.

Indian Army, Bharatiya is the land-based branch and the largest branch of the Indian armed forces. Its primary objective is to ensure national security and protection of the Republic of India from external aggressions and threats and to maintain peace and security within its borders. It also conducts humanitarian rescue operations during natural disaster and other disaster situations.

The Indian Army was established when India gained independence in 1947 and inherited most of the structures of the British Indian Army based in post-Partition India. It is a voluntary service, and although a conscription agreement exists in the Indian constitution, it has never been implemented. Since independence, the army was involved in four wars with our neighboring country Pakistan and once with the People’s Republic of China.


Other major operations undertaken by the army include Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot and Operation Cracktus. Apart from these wars, the army is an active part of the United Nations peacekeeping mission.

Our army is our strength and our pride. We are proud to see the strength of the country’s army. Indian army is getting stronger day by day and using new technology.

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