Nose hair is a boon for the body, think before plucking nose hair

Everyone is troubled by facial hair and skin hair, but many men and some women are troubled by the hair in the nose. It’s natural to have nose hairs, but some people are so sensitive to their looks that they want to pluck them out of their noses.

Why is there hair in the nose?
The hairs in the nose work to filter the air. When we inhale air through the nose, the hairs found in our nose prevent dust particles, pollen particles and allergens present in the air from entering the lungs. Nasal hairs prevent the mucus membrane in the nose from leaking out of the nose. Along with this, it also protects against any kind of infection in the nose.Nose hairs also reduce the moisture present in the air and purify the air and send it to the lungs.

How to cut nose hair?
First of all, stand in front of the mirror. Wherever you stand in front of the mirror, there should be enough light. After this, clean your nose well, because sometimes the mucus dries up and becomes hard. Hold the scissors tight and start cutting the front hair inside the nose first.

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