Spread over 2.5 Vigha is the temple of Mahakali Mata inside this Vad and Vad

We know that there are many types of trees on our planet in which we work to shade many trees. Many trees and plants are used in medicine and indigenous medicine. Many trees are very important in our life which can be useful in many ways.

Vad and Pipla are very important in our religion and public life. We are worshiping Vad. The tree of Vad has the abode of many gods and goddesses and we consider Vad to be revered. We get cool air in the shade of wad and pipla and it is full of oxygen. We also fast for Vad Savitri.

A wad is a fig tree whose seeds grow in rocky outcrops, on host tree trunks, or even in cracks in houses and bridges. Vad seeds are mostly transmitted by fruit-eating birds. This tree is dark and dense, due to which it is specially planted at village padar, chowk, kuvakanthe etc. From the branches of a large tree sprouts new roots called “Vadvai”. These willows are planted in the growing soil at some point. Sometimes this makes the tree look like it has many trunks and the root trunk is not known. Kabir Vad is one such huge banyan tree in Gujarat which is more than 200 years old. The tree bears small red fruits which turn black when ripe. This fruit is called “teta”.



There is a huge wad in Kantharpur near Gandhinagar in Gujarat and this wad is spread over about 2.5 branches and below this wad is the temple of Mahakali Mataji which is visited by thousands of devotees. There are many birds and monkeys under this tree. This is a very beautiful place

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