The baby cubs try to escape from the python.

We know that there are many types of animals and birds living in this world. Forests are also inhabited by animals of terrible strength. There are also animals that scare us when we see them. Such animals hunt small animals living in the forest.

Pythons are usually found between 7 and 9 feet in length. The maximum length recorded is 19 feet. Python is known by almost everyone. Primarily a nocturnal snake. Can climb very high on the tree. And can hang on a branch for a long time waiting for prey on a tree

This snake prefers warm-blooded animals as food, mainly small birds, deer and monkeys. The strength of its blade is capable of suffocating any strong animal.

Deer is a member of Cervidae family according to scientific classification. A female deer is called a doe, while a male deer is known as a stag. There are several different types of deer species. Deer are found on many continents around the world. This mammal species usually inhabits forests. It has horns on its head to protect itself.

Deer legs are long, thin and bipedal with strong calluses at the end. The color of the deer skin is white and golden and has different colored streaks on it. The tail is short and white inside.

Many species of deer live in large herds, with a high proportion of females and young. Male herds are also seen separately. Deer do not have a specific reproductive period. Under normal circumstances, a deer gives birth to one cub once a year. Within a few minutes after birth, the baby starts to stand up and walk.

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