Changing color like a chameleon changes color as it goes up.

We know that all kinds of birds and animals live in this world. There are so many animals, birds and creatures in this world whose names we do not know, we do not know them or we have never seen them.

We must have heard about Kachinda changing color, we also tell many people that it changes color like Kachinda but we have not seen Kachinda how it changes color. Currently, the video of Kachinda changing color is going viral on social media in which she changes many colors in just five minutes.

The chameleon is one of the many exotic animals in the world. It changes its color to avoid predators. Often, like the trunk or branch of a tree, we cannot find it even with our eyes, when it is arranged in a variety of colors. It comes under the classification of reptiles: Jiva. In today’s era, many foreigners keep Kachinda at home. Mainly its colors are pink, blue, orange, green, black, brown, red or yellow. Large species of lizards also eat birds. It is considered an Old World Lizard. A lizard-like creature.

The Kachinda’s physical features make it a fearsome looking beast. Just as humans change their color, chameleons also change color according to their suitability. Moreover, if a man tells another human that he will change color like a chameleon, the upper and lower eyelids of his eyes are connected to each other in such a way. Because of which there is like a small hole in which the eyeball is located. Due to this type of eye, he can see things from two sides at once.


Chameleon we know because of its color change we hear but we have also seen its video Chameleon has its own different color change species.

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