At school, the student showed such magic that everyone was left watching.

While we used to watch the Madari game when we were younger, it is less common nowadays. A video is going viral on social media where a student is performing magic and everyone is watching.

The act of mesmerizing an audience by demonstrating with the help of manual and mechanical devices awe-inspiring and impressive phenomena whose causal relationship is not clearly understood.

From the documents placed in the museum of Berlin, the capital of Germany, it is known that E. P.O. Witchcraft existed in the world for 4000 years. Magic and religion were closely related when human life was in a very primitive state. Both of these were considered to be a means of providing protection to man during the crisis or disaster that befell him in those days.

However, the difference between religion and magic cannot be overlooked. Religion and its associated actions receive social recognition while magic is considered a creeping or feared science. (Of course, its fearsomeness also amuses people.) In religion a person is motivated by a sense of submission to a divine or superhuman power, while in magic the sorcerer is motivated to exert control over people and events. Religion is a social institution while witchcraft is largely a tool for personal gain.

Everyone was mesmerized by watching the video of this little child. We will also watch the video and see the child’s hand manipulation and be proud of how clever this little child is.

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