Gujarat government farmer mobile shaya khow your farmer.

Hello friends, the Gujarat government has come up with many schemes for the benefit of farmers and has announced them many times. We know that now is the time of technology and every household has a mobile. We can’t live without mobile even for a while. With mobile today we can do many things without … Read more

Smart Hand Tool Kit Scheme 2021 | New Registration | Eligibility | Documents list

You are searching for Smart Hand Tool Kit Sahay Yojana for Gujarat Farmer? Yes, here is the right place to get Smart Hand Tool Kit Sahay all Gujarat Farmer.  The process of This yojana benefits for all farmer registration on (આઇ ખેડૂત પોર્ટલ યોજના 2021) official Farmer Portal. While the Government of Gujarat has … Read more

હવે, ખેડૂતો ને વર્ષે 6,000 ની જગ્યાએ મળશે 36,000 રૂપિયા, ફટાફટ કરી લો આ કામ. Farmer scheme

There are many schemes for farmers in our country and farmers are getting a lot of benefits through PM Kishan Yojana. We know that if farmers get Rs 6,000 annually through PM Kishan Yojana, a new announcement has been made for them. There is good news for the farmers who are benefiting from the Kishan … Read more

પોસ્ટ ઓફિસ ની આ સ્કીમ છે જોરદાર, ફક્ત આટલા સમય માં રૂપિયા થશે ડબલ, Post office scheme.

Friends, we know that we are having a hard time running a house at a time when inflation is so high that one of the best ways you can invest in a post office saceme is to double your money. We know that different insurance companies are currently asking us to make different investments and … Read more

પાક નિષ્ફળ સહાય, મુખ્યમંત્રી પાક નિષ્ફળ સહાય યોજના. Drought relief for farmers.

Drought has been witnessed in Gujarat due to deficient rainfall this year. In many parts of Gujarat, rainfall has been very deficient. In more than 144 talukas of Gujarat, the rainfall is very low. Due to the decrease in rainfall, the crops of the farmers have been severely damaged. The crops of the farmers have … Read more

Water Tank Scheme 2021 New Registration | full detail | Document

Water Tank Yojana Gujarat | Water Tanks (Pani Na Tanka – પાણીના ટાંકા) Making Scheme In Gujarat for Farmers, Scheme to assist in making water tanks for drip irrigation. Gujarat Kisan Parivahan Yojana Information 2021: Name of the scheme: Water Tank Scheme 2021 launched by Gujarat State Government. All the farmer friends of Gujarat will … Read more

When will the 8th installment of Kisan Yojana be deposited? Learn detailed information

The government is bringing many schemes in the interest of farmers in our country. Then the government has brought PM Kisan Yojana for the benefit of farmers. pm Kisan Yojana is benefiting millions of farmers in the country. pm Kisan Yojana has been launched through our Prime Minister. There are many reasons why the 8th … Read more