How to apply online on Ikhedut portal 2023

How to apply online on Ikhedut portal 2023

Digital revolution is currently going on in the state and in the whole country. Government offices, private organizations and every department are trying to make their services online. The e-Samaj Kalyan Portal has been implemented by the Social Justice and Empowerment Department of the Government of Gujarat. Similarly, e-cottage portal has been created by cottage … Read more

Good News for Farmers: From this date the applications for equipment assistance will start.

We know that the government is bringing many schemes for the farmers while the government has released a scheme for the farmers. In which you can get materials like tarpaulin, pumpset, crop protection equipment etc. The state government provides assistance to the farmers under some schemes and to get this assistance the farmers have to … Read more

Solar Rooftop Yojana 2023

Solar Rooftop Yojana 2023

Solar Rooftop Yojana 2023: Currently there is an increase in electricity generation from solar projects in Gujarat and the country as a part of which Solar Rooftop Yojana 2023 has been launched. Get rid of electricity bills, now you don’t have to pay light bills. Solar Rooftop Yojana 2023 Solar Rooftop Yojana 2023 Solar Rooftop … Read more

farmers sahay 2023

farmers sahay 2023

State spokesperson Hrishikesh Patel informed that the state government has taken one more important decision in the interest of the sons of the soil. Due to frequent unseasonal rains this year, the farmers have suffered huge losses. Keeping this in mind, the Gujarat government has announced a district-wise survey and relief package assistance on an … Read more

Solar fencing sahay yojana Gujarat 2022.

As we know that the government has given assistance many times, once again the government has announced an assistance in which the farmers who want to get solar fencing assistance will be given assistance by the government. A number of welfare schemes for crop protection are launched by the Department of Agriculture, Welfare and Government … Read more

Power Tiller yojana Gujarat 2022

Power Tiller Assistance Scheme Gujarat 2022

Ikhedut portal has been created by Gujarat government to provide benefits of various government schemes for farmers. In which purchase assistance of Power Tiller  & Power Tiller ) etc. is provided by Horticulture Department Power Tiller yojana Gujarat Government has implemented various farmer oriented schemes of Government of India and Gujarat Government to double the … Read more

ખાતેદાર ખેડૂત અકસ્માત યોજના, khatedar khedut akasmat yojana i khedut portal scheme

Agriculture is the main product in India and our country is running through agriculture. Then the government offers many schemes and many benefits for the farmer. In which the government comes up with a scheme to help the farmers financially. Under the Gujarat Collective Group (Janata) Accident Insurance Scheme for the account holder farmers, the … Read more

If you have a Jandhan account, you will get a big benefit, Pradhan Mantri Man Dhan Yojana.

We get many benefits from the government. We should take advantage of every benefit. If you also have a Jandhan account in the bank, you can get a big benefit from the government. Under Pradhan Mantri Jandhan Yojana we get many benefits. Then the government has again issued a new scheme which is called Pradhan … Read more

pm Kishan Sanman Nidhi will get one more benefit.

Good news for Gujarat farmers 2.5 crore farmers of Gujarat will get Kisan Credit Card. We know that our country is dependent on agriculture and since farming takes place in most parts of the country the farmers of the country are very weak economically so their income is very low. More than 2 crore farmers … Read more