If the money does not come out of the ATM machine, the police gave an explanation before leaving.

In today’s modern times, we take advantage of many facilities, we use many types of equipment and machinery, while currently we handle many types of news on mobile. We are currently using mobiles to transfer money. We prefer withdrawing money from an ATM rather than going to a bank.

The police have said through a video that now we prefer to withdraw money from ATMs but many times when we go to withdraw money from ATMs we come back when there is no case in the machine.

He said that many times we get bored when we run out of money, but now a gang of thieves is tampering with the ATM machine in the market. Atm machine’s chip bursts at the place where the money is to be withdrawn, so the money gets stuck there.

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A chip has been seized by the police and atm card holders have been appealed to be careful so that your money does not get stuck.

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