Information to know about different thunderstorm signals.

We know that a storm system has become active in the Arabian Sea. Regarding this storm, the Meteorological Department has predicted that it will hit the coast of Gujarat in the next two days.

The people of the sea coast have been warned about the forecast of storm. People from low-lying areas have been evacuated. NDRF teams have been deployed following the storm.

When a storm is predicted, we hear that signal number 1 is applied and signal number 2 is applied but what is the signal of this signal. We don’t know when any signal is applied.

Various types of signals are placed on the port regarding storms coming from the sea or strong winds blowing on the coast. Depending on the speed of the offshore wind, a different number of signals are placed on the port. In which especially the signals from 1 to 11 are installed.

Based on which the boat, steamer, ship driver in the sea will know how crazy the sea will be. As the intensity of the storm increases, the signal also increases in number.

Signals numbered from 1 to 11 are installed at ports. Signal number 11 is said to be the most terrifying. This signal is set when the wire transaction is interrupted.

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