The suspension bridge in Morbi broke and the people of Machhu river were trapped.

A major tragedy has occurred in Morbi, Gujarat when a suspension bridge built over the Machhu river collapsed, injuring many people and many people were thrown into the river. According to the information, about 500 people were passing through this bridge and suddenly this bridge collapsed. The world-class suspension bridge at home in Morbi was … Read more

Alpesh Thakor again came to the field to contest the election from Radhanpur seat

As the assembly elections in Gujarat are getting closer, the leaders have also started preparations for the elections. Assembly elections are held in Gujarat for 182 seats, in which the BJP has been forming the government for many years, and again after some time, the assembly elections will be held, in which it remains to … Read more

Dantivada dam update Dantivada dem ketalu pani

At present, when the rainy season is going on, the Dantivada dam has received a good amount of water. Dantivada dam is similar to Jivadori dam of Banaskantha district, due to heavy rain in the upper reaches, water in Dantivada dam was in good quantity. We know that now when the rainy season has stopped, … Read more