Pradhan Mantri UJALA Yojana Gujarat 2022 gujaratiupdate

Under this scheme the use of LED bulbs is to be promoted across the country So that the consumption of electricity in the country can be reduced and the use of electricity can be made full use of electricity in other areas like agricultural irrigation, factory etc. for the progress of the country. Successful implementation … Read more

વ્હાલી દીકરી યોજના 2022 vhali dikari yojana 2022.

The Government of Gujarat has introduced new schemes for the promotion of daughters and for the economic as well as women empowerment of daughters. We know that our country has come up with various schemes to promote daughters as well as women. Under the Vhali Dikari Yojana, assistance is provided by the Government of Gujarat … Read more

Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2023 | Jan Arogya List Online

Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2023

This scheme is one of the important schemes of India. Let us tell you that under the list of Ayushman Bharat Scheme 2023, more than 50 crore citizens have been given health life insurance up to Rs. Under Ayushman Bharat scheme, eligible citizens of the country can get free treatment up to Rs. Let us … Read more

i khedut portal yojana 2022, farmers new yojana 2022 online apply

Many schemes for farmers have started filling up forms on i khedut poratal. We know that the government often comes up with various schemes for farmers in our country. Then in the year 2022-23 also many schemes for farmers have been issued by the government. The Department of Agriculture, Farmer Welfare and Co-operation of the … Read more

રસોઈ ગેસ સિલિન્ડર પર મળી રહી છે સબસિડી, તમારા ખાતાં માં પૈસા આવ્યા છે કે નહિ આ રીતે ચેક કરો.

Hello friends, we know that the Government of India is giving us many benefits at a time when the Prime Minister’s Gas Assistance Scheme was launched by the Government of India in honor of women. We know that our country is very poor and its people have to work harder due to poor economic condition … Read more

પીએમ ગરીબ કલ્યાણ યોજનામાં મફત અનાજ ની તારીખ લંબાવાઈ જાણો કઈ તારીખ સુધી મળશે અનાજ

Hello friends, poverty in our country is increasing day by day and we know that there is a lot of poverty in the country and our government is also making many efforts to alleviate this poverty. We know that since the advent of Corona in our country, the government has been providing free food to … Read more

ભારત સરકાર દ્વારા પતી પત્ની ને મળી રહ્યા છે દર મહિને 10,000 રૂપિયા આ યોજના નો લાભ લેવાનું ચૂકતા નહીં. Government scheme

Hello friends, there are many schemes being implemented by the Government of India. We know that our country is lagging behind economically. Considering the economic situation, the poor and economically backward people are often given the benefit of the scheme by the Government of India. The Atal Pension Scheme is being run by the Government … Read more