Gujarat government will purchase four types of crops at support prices.

For the farmers, the government buys many times at subsidized prices, but again, the Gujarat government will buy four crops at subsidized prices. The crops of urad, groundnut, gram and tuvar will be purchased at subsidized prices. Government of Gujarat will purchase groundnut, mung, urad and soyabean at support price under Price Support Scheme (PSS) … Read more

Gujarat Congress has decided the names for the 2022 elections.

As the Gujarat assembly elections are approaching, all the parties have started their preparations, while the Gujarat Congress has also announced the names of the candidates for the 2022 assembly elections.  The biggest news related to Gujarat Congress is getting. The names of the candidates are being discussed even before the Congress announces the names … Read more

Photo Retouch Awesome app 2022

Photo Retouch Awesome app 2022

Today in this post we are going to share some of the best Photo Banane Wala Apps (photo making apps) with you people, by using which you will be able to edit any photo very easily Photo Retouch In today’s time, many photo editing apps are available on the internet, but not all apps are … Read more

MLA Geniben Thakor came to support the queries of Anganwadi workers.

When all the citizens living in the country are allowed to agitate for their rights in a peaceful and law-and-order manner, now Anganwadi workers have taken to the streets for their rights. Anganwadi workers of Tharad-Vav taluk of Banaskantha have gone on strike with the demands of outstanding questions. At that time, Banaskantha MLA Ganiben, … Read more

Excellent power food for vegetarians

These seven foods are very excellent and powerful for vegetarians

Proteins are very essential for our body. The protein was discovered in 1950 by Linus Pauling [Linus Pauling]. He became the founder of Molecular Biology by discovering Spiral Structure of Proteins. A normal adult person normally requires 46 grams – 56 grams of protein daily according to his age and weight. Along with taking a … Read more

Solar fencing sahay yojana Gujarat 2022.

As we know that the government has given assistance many times, once again the government has announced an assistance in which the farmers who want to get solar fencing assistance will be given assistance by the government. A number of welfare schemes for crop protection are launched by the Department of Agriculture, Welfare and Government … Read more

Power Tiller yojana Gujarat 2022

Power Tiller Assistance Scheme Gujarat 2022

Ikhedut portal has been created by Gujarat government to provide benefits of various government schemes for farmers. In which purchase assistance of Power Tiller  & Power Tiller ) etc. is provided by Horticulture Department Power Tiller yojana Gujarat Government has implemented various farmer oriented schemes of Government of India and Gujarat Government to double the … Read more